It gives us pride to be able to introduce you to Pretzel Mania. We are the fresh baked pretzel company which has energised the retail snack food category with our mouth-watering recipes, broad selection of pretzels, outstanding store presentation and dynamic marketing. Our concept is surprisingly easy to execute and it features a product that is easy and fun to sell.

Pretzel Mania has enormous consumer appeal as everyone loves the delicious taste of our Pretzels as they emerge fresh from the oven. Our customers range from small children to adults and they appeal to both females and males. The appeal is so broad that many consider the soft pretzel concept to be the hottest category in the retail snack food industry at present.

With on-the spot production, Pretzel Mania ensures that its products are manufactured to the highest standards, using the best natural ingredients. In light of these facts, Pretzel Mania is able to offer its franchisees an exclusive product and provide its customers with the most indulgent treat possible. Since everyone deserves a ‘twist’, we serve up unique recipes which deliver taste and flavour well beyond that offered by other Pretzel outlets.

The result of our obsession is the creation of the ultimate snack experience and indulgence without guilt.