Our Team

Who are the people behind Pretzel Mania?

Pretzel Mania is a privately owned company developed by Jack and Yvonne Panagiotou who have been actively involved in retail and hospitality for many years. Jack also gained a wealth of knowledge in franchising due to previous experience with a franchising company.

The Pretzel Mania Mission

‘Let’s get twisted! – A fresh twist on life’

The Pretzel Mania team are excited to share with you our fun, healthy, low-fat and tasty snack that is a happy alternative for consumers of all ages.

The Store

Store Design & Equipment

On the surface, one might imagine that’s it’s a simple process of developing a Pretzel Mania store, however, in reality, Pretzel Mania has invested a considerable amount of time to test and select the right equipment and design to ensure that a quality product is being manufactured. More importantly the equipment needs to deliver a product that is exceptional in taste and of high quality, ultimately resulting in a product that is visually appealing, enhancing the Pretzel Mania experience for its customers, regardless of store and conditions. The store layout and design works operationally, using low maintenance fixtures and fittings that highlight the Pretzel Mania brand & will stand the rigors of time and sales. Store signage that delivers retail ‘WOW’.

Our History

How did it all start?

Pretzel Mania developed their own unique concept and opened their first store in August, 2002. Since that time the company has generated much enthusiasm which encouraged the founders to enter this exciting new phase of development.

Pretzel Mania Values

Pretzel Mania Values

The owners of Pretzel Mania are committed to, and unyielding in, their belief of key principles that will be reflected in everything they do. These principles can be summed up in five key value statements:

  • Ongoing respect of success through quality franchisees
  • Commitment to use and supply only the freshest ingredients.
  • Commitment to surprise and delight every customer every day
  • Creation of fun and vibrant workplaces
  • Unyielding commitment to deliver the World’s Best pretzels