Pretzel Mania relationship

Pretzel Mania's aim is to maintain the closest possible relationship with its franchisees to maximize sales and profitability for the mutual benefit of both parties. As Franchisor, Pretzel Mania is committed to its franchisees who have invested in the Pretzel Mania Business System and brand.

Whilst franchising is no guarantee, the Pretzel Mania team will do its utmost and continue to assist you to become successful business operators, provided of course that you operate within the guidelines that have been laid down. As Franchisor, it is our duty and responsibility to protect the brand image and the Pretzel Mania retail operations for all of their franchisees, wherever they may be located, either nationally or internationally.

Open communication is an important key to success. Pretzel Mania will always value any ideas a franchisee may have. A full review of those ideas will be carried out so that an informed assessment can be made as to the benefits of employing such ideas across our network.

What's involved in becoming a franchisee?

The Pretzel Mania brand is our most important asset. Pretzel Mania's objective is to establish the company as the most successful pretzel retailer in Australia. Its franchisee selection process is designed to engage the best possible partners to ensure that this success is achieved under the Pretzel Mania banner. If you aren't successful, then we are not successful.

No prior knowledge is required and a comprehensive training programme is provided for all new owners, including theory, practical, pretzel making and on site assistance at opening and takeover. Becoming a franchisee commands passion, enthusiasm and a commitment to service in order to succeed. Generally it can take up to 2 - 3 months from the time of first contact to approval.

Buying an existing franchise business

To ensure you make the most informed decision possible, we highly recommend that you complete the following interview process before signing a Contract of Sale with an existing franchisee.

Apart from ensuring you are a suitable Pretzel Mania franchisee before you reach agreement with the existing franchisee, you need to have as much information as possible before you finalise your business decision. Furthermore we can also advise you of all of the fees and costs payable to Pretzel Mania. All Pretzel Mania franchise store transfers are subject to Pretzel Mania's approval.

If you think you've got what it takes, here's the process:

Once your application has been received by Franchise Recruitment, it will then be assessed and a first interview will be arranged. If you are selected for an interview, the following outlines the proceedings.

Interstate candidates: Subject to circumstances it may be necessary for you to undertake your interview at Pretzel Mania's Office in Adelaide. All costs associated with attending the interview will be your responsibility.

1st Interview

To assess suitability.

2nd Interview

At the second meeting we will Answer any further questions, Discuss your written application, Determine timing of financial commitments, Obtain specific details for preparation of the agreement and Discuss training.

3rd and Final Interview

By now you will have received all information related to your investment decision. This is an opportunity for both parties to discuss any outstanding matters prior to the final decision. This interview will take place with Management at Pretzel Mania, the location will be advised. Dependant upon the assessment of this interview, you will be granted approval to proceed with the Franchise.

Approval to Proceed

Upon approval to proceed with the Franchise, the Franchise Applicant will be required to pay $5,500.00 (inclusive of GST) for draft franchise documentation. Please note that this payment is refundable, less legal costs, should the purchase not proceed for any reason. A Non Disclosure and Non-Circumvention Document will also be required to be signed before any specific store information is provided.

What funds do I need to buy a Pretzel Mania Franchise?

The Funds required to buy a Pretzel Mania store can be broken up into two categories Initial Capital and Working Capital.

Initial Capital Description
Shop-fitting Store design, working drawings, approvals and permits, fixtures and fittings, graphics, signage, cabinet making, workbench, lessor works, installation, electrical, plumbing, flooring etc.
Major Equipment Refrigerator, storage freezer, cash register, oven, bain-marie, mixers/blenders etc.
Minor Equipment Utensils, cleaning equipment, small preparation serving equipment, miscellaneous.
Initial fees Application Franchise fee legal and administrative costs $5,000 plus GST. Store opening promotion $1,500 plus GST.
Advisor/ Financing costs Legal & accounting costs relating to set up. Lease costs- security deposit.
Working Capital Description
Inventory, first month's rental, wages, cash float, minor equipment/stock.
Goodwill If purchasing from an existing franchisee.

Although each store's capital costs are specific to that location an approximate cost for purchasing and setting up a new store directly from Pretzel Mania is approximately $200,000 to $250,000 for a kiosk location of approx. 25 square metres. Up to $50,000 more may be required for an inline store.

This figure includes all equipment, shop fit out, floor/ ceiling treatments (if required), lighting, plumbing/ electrical, signage, architectural drawings and lessor works. A further allowance of $10,000 should be made for working capital.

A bank guarantee will also be required for 3 or 4 months rental. Purchasing a store from an existing franchisee will be dependant on store financial performance and the existing franchisee('s) desire to sell. Pretzel Mania will not provide sale price recommendations to potential franchisees on existing franchise store sale prices. Our recommendation is for you to seek your own independent advice and to ascertain as much information as possible about the business opportunity.
Pretzel Mania will provide as much information as possible but your decision must be made independently.

What are the current ongoing fees payable to Pretzel Mania?

Fees Description
Franchise Service Fee 6% of gross sales, payable weekly
Advertising / Marketing Levy 2% of gross sales, payable weekly

Specifics are included in the Info Pack upon application.


What income or return will I make from a Pretzel Mania store?

Every store has its own unique characteristics that contribute to the level of income and investment return the store will generate. Capital costs can be significantly different by store. As a consequence Pretzel Mania cannot make statements or representations of what a store may bring in the way of income/investment returns.

Each franchisee has their own investment objective, methodology for managing the store and performance ability. We will provide you with typical store contribution & expense ratios to assist you in your assessment. As previously mentioned it is a franchise requirement that you obtain independent financial advice.

What support will Pretzel Mania provide?

The Pretzel Mania team will provide you with comprehensive training on all aspects of operating a Pretzel Mania franchise. Generally the training will be conducted in either a Company owned or a franchised store. For some interstate/intrastate locations it may be necessary for you to complete some of your training in Adelaide. Initial training will be completed over a two week period.

What other key ongoing benefits does Pretzel Mania provide?

  • Product development & research
  • Operational management support and advice
  • Operating manuals and training
  • Information technology, systems and reporting
  • Marketing support
  • Supplier management and negotiation
  • Lease management
  • Brand management

Interested in our proposal?

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